Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 57

Some Looney Tunes doodles and life drawings I did whilst at my light box this evening.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Friday, 17 February 2012

Day 48

I wanted to write a summary on Animex, but i've just beeen so busy since I got back. But now, i've had the chance, and here it is:

So I arrived Tuesday evening, and decided to go to the Animex screen to see the documentary about ILM. It was great to see it in context, as I'm currently reading The Pixar Touch, it really started to fall place in my head. Also, it was very interesting seeing different points of view.

Wednesday was the day with Fraser MacLean, which was amazing, and that's an understatement. I learnt so much from him. We used these brilliant pencils, and I can't stop using them now, i've ordered more in fact! His book, Setting the Scene, is superb, and he signed it for me too! I'm in the process of getting the animatic for Cat and Moth together, so I can send it to him at the end of the month. So, I'm very excited about that. Also in the session was Visual Development designer Tori Davis. She was lovely and inspiring. She had worked on Rio, (by Blue Sky Studios) one of my top 10 films to date. Her drawings were spectacular, so I had to buy her book!

Thursday was the first day of Animex Talk (I think next year I'll try and buy a ticket for the whole week). The schedule was full packed. We heard from Max Howard about the Oscars (a great insight), Hans Rijpkema from Rhythm and Hues about how to make Stereoscopic films correctly, (so you don't throw up!) which blew my mind, very interesting indeed. Then in the afternoon was filled by Curtis Jobling (Bob the Builder and Frankenstein's Cat) about his career progression and some advice along the way. Ben White - for Framestore (woo!), talked about Sherlock Holmes. Then to finish off the day we heard from Oli Hyatt from Blue Zoo, all about Animation UK, and fighting the cause for Tax breaks within the Animation industry, so our animation industry can stay in Britain!

The lounge took place in the evening. This is basically a networking evening, to meet all the speakers and guests of animex. It's great to get chatting to people and get a few business cards, and give some out! I met some lovely speakers and students.

Friday Animex Talk Day 2! Full packed with great information again. the first alk was by Rick Leary from Double Negative, all about Harry Potter. Next up was Shelley Page, with her favourite films and adverts from the last 18 months. I was amazed and excited, as she showed Coca Cola Siege (which I got to work on!) and Kia, which my colleagues had all worked on previously. It was a great great compliment. There were some great other films she showed too, including Paths of Hate. After lunch we heard from the recruiters from several companies, MPC, Double Negative, Framstore, Dreamworks and from Rachelle Lewis too. It was very insightful, even thoguh I had heard from them before, it's interesting to see how the recruitment process progresses from year to year. For example, hardly anyone uses hard copies any more (except Double Negative). After the break, up next was Dan Zelcs talking about his progression from studying at the University of Teesside (where Animex is hosted) to becoming the Lead Rigger at MPC. It was a very interesting story. Then to end the day and the whole of Animex Talk, Fraser MacLean and Tori Davis were up. Fraser talked a lot about the history of animation, which has to be one of my favourite subjects. It was great to hear his point of view and experiences.

...and that was it! What a fabulous week it was. I'd also like to add a massive thank you to the people that put me up for the week , Moz & Co. :)

Ditto looks hungry, but will she eat anything?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 47

My Pin board is sure filling up of lots of lovely reference, artists and animators! Take a look:


...and this made my day - Once you've clicked on the link, click the image to see the video

"Release your imagination"

My first little interview since becoming an animator, it still feels completely surreal!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 45

Take a look at my new bin board, I'm collecting everything animation and art related. Some great new posts added about "Nothing is a waste" and "Bad days do happen" Animpin

A gesture drawing of a golfer, inspired by the articles on the pin board. 

Some more squirrel's!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 37

Took some snowy photographs of my friends, at the weekend! Click on this picture to see more:

..and check out more Coca~Cola polar bear moments here!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Day 34

Another Ad I worked on during the summer, has finally been released! We had to add the birds throughout the commercial, the main shots i worked on were the one with the old man in a wheelchair going of the crossing (wide shot) and the bus shot, with a cockatoo landing on the tyre:

...and another interactive social ad for Coca Cola, which will be on during the whole superbowl, interacting with the game. I animated a few different interactions.