Saturday, 22 July 2017


Oohh my, I have neglected this little corner of the internet for some time!

I miss writing, and I need to do this more. I hope you are all living life to the mostest and that you haven't missed my waffling too much!

I've been keeping my instagram drawing/painting feed fairly updated, it's probably the quickest easiest outlet at the moment. I've also been selling some animation and art books, to make way for an upcoming move. I hate to part with my books but I can only carry so many.

These last few months have been a whirlwind of excitement and Cat and Moth has been taking over my life, literally! It's sooo much fun working on a short film full-time, if you ever get the opportunity I would grab it by the horns.

Working on Cat and Moth has been a huge learning curve in terms of directing, managing, creating, writing, everything! And it really has got me thinking about ways to write and create stories via film post-C&M. Next, I'd love to be able to produce stories from start to finish in the quickest, dirtiest way possible, which isn't always possible with animation. I was particular inspired to hear about Edgar Wright's story about creating lots of sketches for Beadles Hot Shots, where technically it was meant to be the audience sending in their skits, but there were never enough, so Edgar as an apprentice had to produce a ton of content, unbeknownst to Beadle. I like that phrase, it should be a title for something "Unbeknownst to Beadle", in Italics.

You can check out the whole interview by Adam Buxton here.

I think this quantity of exploration will be an exciting new endeavour. I can't wait to pick up a camera and have a play.

Is there anything you are desperate to try? What's stopping you?

Enough waffling from me today! Hopefully I can make this a more regular occurrence.

Over and Out!