Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Busy bees and slow pokes.

Well hello there!

Okay, so I've been pretty lame the last month or so (hence the slow pokes title), BUUUUT that's mainly because I've been a busy bee trying to get on top of everything.

In terms of keeping on top of everything, I learnt a distinct lesson this past month.

Have you ever thought, oo I want to aniamte this, or I want to create this other thing, and i've got to do that and that and that, and this movie, and this short, and this for my reel, and this for practise, and this for that job here, until your 'To Do' list is as long as a piece of string?

Well, I was getting boged down and overloaded with things I wanted to do on my giant (and I mean HUGE) infamous 'To Do' list. I have to admit, I do like to keep a list, as I'm sure a lot of you do to, but it was eventually becomign a burden and getting me down, because I wasn't getting the time to spend on it that I would have liked. So, as me and my other half travelled on the train to take a break in the country, we decided it was a good idea to create two lists, "To Do NOW" and"To Do Another Time" (catchy eh?).

I picked some realistic goals for the present time, and put my achieveable priorites on the first one. Then anything extra I put on the second one, folded it away,  put it in a safe place, and saved it for later*. I don't know if you guys feel the same or whether it's a totally obvious thing, (and I'm slow on the uptake) but it'll be worth sharing if it helps someone!

I feel 100% better about the work I'm producing now, as it's influenced a motivated, positive mood, and reminded me to enjoy the work I'm currently doing. As all these 'to do's' will eventually get done, and it becomes a much better solution then spreading yourself too thinly. I hope this little tip helps, as up until now, I was putting far too much on my plate, so really my advice is; make sure your eyes aren't bigger then your belly ;).

*later being anytime in the future, when you've finished your current set of proirites.


Here are some of my favourite links and vids that I've seen in the past month or so, hopefully they inspire you too :)

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