Thursday, 8 August 2013


The photos from Animgather are now up online

The venue plans are brewing for the next event, so watch this space!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Linky winks

Stuck for drawing ideas? generate a scenario here: 1000 things to draw

Another great online life drawing tool! Creates you little life drawing sessions with references, if you are not able to get out to a real life class:

Should I work for free? NO!

Charlie Kaufman: Screenwriting lecture

BUG - great inspirational videos to get those creative juices flowing

Kenny Roy's website is filling up fast! If you become a free trial member you can get a free day for every @sk video mail question you send it! So if you send in 30 questions, you'd get another free month! It's got some great content, definitely worth a look.

Need to work out a timezone to work out your class times if you've joined a new animation school? Use world time buddy.

Rad Sechrist Drawing Demo

Bodies in Motion

10 top insults from

Brendan Body's Flight tutorial - this is a MUST! It's brilliant and very clear.

Great little short about being an animator done in stop-motion by Bruna Berford

Stop Motion - Occupation: Animator from Bruna Berford on Vimeo.

TED talk - what makes a hero?

All links collected via wonderful colleagues, blogs,  and friends

Thursday, 1 August 2013

MORE inspiration

A cool CG parrot for Frozen Parrot Bay

I found a great little article with some videos about how Jerry Seinfield write a joke

And here's the joke

Documentary on Body Language

Interesting Kellogg's origami advert: