Friday, 26 September 2014


It's Friday!

And this means Disney music all day!

I had the honour of meeting Glen Keane this week at a presentation at work. It was quite something, I've never been quite so star struck. Such an inspirational man, with so many words of wisdom it's untrue. He was presenting his latest work (which I'm sure you've seen) but if you haven't it's embedded below.

Last year, at CTN, Martyn and I were lucky enough to meet his daughter Claire, who has such a beautiful and traditional style. And you can see from hearing Glen talk, what kind of household they grew up together in. Such a creative and inspirational environment.

It just drums it home even more, how important it is to keep inspired. Listening to people talk about their experiences, watching new films, visiting art galleries, creating things, anything! It really feeds the soul.

So, here are some of Glen's goodness for your viewing pleasure

Friday, 19 September 2014

CLASH Aaaaahhhhh

So in the pub last night, I witnessed this cool ad, and found a whole lot more as part of the chain, all advertising for the Clash of the Clans game.

It's quite hard to find out who the actual animators were, but there are credits here. If anyone know's who worked on these, it would be great to credit there names on this post :). Clash of the Clans had become increasingly popular, and it's quite apparent by their extraordinary ad campaign for sure. Awesome work.

*EDIT* - I have been informed by @Tekkzi that Psyop are in fact responsible for these animations :) Awesome work!