Professional Work

Here are the jobs I have worked on ...the newest is at the top...

The Willoughby's
Senior Animator

Cat and Moth

Valio Eila at TROLL in Finland

Valio Eila - Joukossamme on herkkavatsaisia from TROLL on Vimeo.

Studio AKA - OTTO, Time


(Mum and Dad only) 


MPC Advertising - John Lewis Christmas 2016

Studio AKA - TV License Goggle
Soul animator, about a week for the entire animation. 

Full CG feature film
Teaser Trailer: In the trailer my shots are at 0:13 of Victor, the best friend, getting thrown back whilst catching plates, then 0:23-0:28ish from the door flying open, until and including the shot of Felicie sat in the window frame saying "do you have a plan?"

CIMB Employee of the Month

For this I had to animate the Octopus and pose him for the photograph.

Beats Pills, Oh Christmas Tree

I animate Red doing the jumping jack, and the Angel on the pack shot at the end.

Mcvite's Victoria Christmas Choir

I got to animate the Narwhal for this  super cute ad!

Google Chromecast Squirrel - Lead CG Animator

For this Ad, on YouTube's home page, I had to animate a squirrel jump across screen and plug in the Chromecast.

The new Nokia X Family - Lead CG Animator

The client seemed ecstatic with the result and through this project I got to meet Professor Kliq, who's music I love and already had on my showreel! For this I was the lead CG animator on the project, working alongside the design guys. I also had to supervise someone else's animation on a shot. It was a great experience. I took care of all the camera and phone animation. I had to work closely with the guy in charge of animating the UI's, so our timings worked together. It was a great collaborative project, and I really enjoyed working with the whole team!

For this ad I got to animate the first three shots of the little pink pill jumping up and talking to Nicki. It was a really fun project!
For this project I got to experience doing hyper real animation to re-create Audrey Hepburn. It was a challenging task, and I learnt so much from it! My main shots are from her getting in the car, to the car pulling away.
Tooned I did so much on Tooned, here's so bits and bobs: The new line up for Tooned: I got asked to pose out the characters for a poster for the new season of Tooned
Mclaren Animation: Tooned. Episode 8: Lecture Circuit
Mclaren Animation: Tooned. Episode 5: The Lift Story
I worked on the bad guy 'Von', the shots in the final look back, where he gets into the lift and starts shouting, and realised what the Professor had done!
Mclaren Animation: Tooned Awards
Best Film Series at Cristal Festival in the branded content category 2012
FICCI BAF Awards - Animated TV Episode 2013
BBC Euro 2012 intro
On this ad I worked on the 3 lions from the England badge, in both shots, and the German eagles, in both shots too. I felt like I had a lot of creative input and responsibility on this job
I was named "Man of the Match" for the project (so to speak), and given a Euros football!
Pepsi 'Kick in the Mix!' For this Framestore had to create CG hands, to hold up the players, and a full CG crowds for the big overhead shots. I had a few shots where I had to animate the arms, and I also did a couple of CG digi doubles. My hand shots consist of a couple with Torres, and the ramp of arms pushing up Drogba into the air.
Highland Spring Water 'Full of the Joys' For this ad, I animated the first shot of the Mole coming out of the ground and looking around, I blocked in the next shot of the water shooting him up, and I animated the next shot of the Mole laughing on top of the spout of water
Lynx - 'Unleash the Chaos' We had to add birds throughout this ad, my main shot was the cockatoo landing on the buses tyre, along with some other shots with birds flying around in the background. APA 2012 Collection awarded
Coca-Cola 'Polar Bowl' I worked on some Polar Bear interactive animations which will air during the superbowl
Cannes Lions - 2012 Branded Content and Entertainment, Bronze Lion award
Cannes Lions - 2012 Media, Silver Lion award
Cannes Lions - 2012 Direct, Gold Lion award 
AEAF - 2012 Web-Viral award FICCI BAF Awards - Special Jury Award
  Barclay Card Toys For this ad I worked on the previs stage at The Third Floor
  Honda Civic 'Spark'  I worked on the Previs for this advert at The Third Floor (partners with Framestore)
IAPI Shark - 2012 Special Effects, Bronze Award
Lotto: What would you do?  This Ad was all full facial replacement work. I got to do the orangutan hitting the golf ball shot, the chimp looking up at the antique expert, and the orangutans in the last shot, one in the hot tub and one in the background.
Andrex Hakle In this ad I animated the first shot, all of the dogs practising their yoga
FICCI - 2012 VFX in a Commercial awarded
Andrex Collections  This is Ad, I animated two puppies in the first party, the one holding the camera, and the one searching through the vinyl collection.
Coca-Cola 'Siege'  For Coca-Cola I animated the birds eye view shot of the dragon, a drip running down the Coca-Cola bottle on the reveal (oohh yeah!), and four characters in the last celebration shot, the couple in the background on the left and the father with his son on his shoulders. British Animation Awards (BAA) 2012 Best Commercial: 3D awarded
D&AD - 2012 Animation, In Book
VES nominated
CLIO 2011 Visual Effects, Silver Award
CLIO 2011 Animation, Silver Award
Andrex 'It's the Little Things'  This was my first job as an animator. For this job I did a lot of background work and walk cycles, mainly for the airport shot.
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