Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas & New Year!! :D

Hello PlingPlongers.

So, another year has vacuumed up into the atmosphere.  How was yours? Did you remember to keep inspired? Did you achieve all your goals? Was it a great year? Was it not so good? Fear not! As there is another year upon us, and we can make this one count, or count even more!

When I first started this blog, it was all based upon New Year Resolutions. To do a drawing a day for every day of that year. And somehow I kept to it. But rarely have I (or most people I know) ever kept to one of those "resolutions" - it's much easier to set a vaguer/bigger aim, and complete little goals along the way.

I think it's important to think about "resolutions" (whatever time of year that may be) and re-asses your goals and what you want.Whether it's to learn something new, practise something you haven't done in a while, or keep practising something you already do. There's no need to wait until New Year's day to start something.

For the coming year I plan to focus more on the characterful side of things (rather than all the VFX personal shnizzle I've been doing over the past year) and I want to produce a lot more creative art work, not just related to animating; painting, drawing, making, you name it. So watch this space ;). After making things for Christmas presents and painting some pictures for people, I've forgotten how nice it is to be surrounded by cut up card and paint brushes everywhere! Meeting Claire Keane back in November really inspired me. Just to take some time out and actually make art in the way you love and want to, makes so much sense, because it will always reflect into your other work too.

And also she said to "Never give up!".

It's fun to collaborate and bounce ideas with your peers. I'd love to see what people produce over the next 12 months. I'm sure there's some interesting things in the making already. Hopefully I'll have a few more updates on my short film too this year, lots have things have taken shape over the past month, very exciting!

I've got my eye on The Dam Keeper

Shaun Tan - Having just received one of his books as an early Christmas Present "The Rules of Summer". I also just found out he made "The Lost Thing". It's such a beautiful book, full of marvellous poetic snippets, teamed with the most extraordinarily wonderful paintings. They look van Gogh-esque. They are rather yummy.

Be sure to keep up to date with what's out there, adverts, films, art work, local exhibitions, you never know what might trigger an idea for your next piece.

This year has also been a success for Animgather! Two successful outings have been arranged so far, so definitely watch this space for more in the coming 12 months. Check out our shenanigans here: - hopefully we'll see some of you there!

I hope you guys are all ready for the New Year crashing our way, and remember to keep inspired!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, and here's to a VERY Happy (creative) New Year! :)

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Pin Cushion

I've added a ton of new pins recently, and I've been delving deeper into "Drawn to Life" - so just wanted to remind you to go and get inspired! Whatever your discipline, hobby or passions, it's important to remind yourself why you love them, and what gets the juices flowing. Be it art, sport, magic, animals, whatever! Take out a little time in your day to go and get that fire back in your belly