Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Booky books

I've got my eye on these two books, has anyone else seen them? They look AMAZING.

Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha *edit* (01/04/2016) I did actually end up buying this book, and in theory it's great, but the actual quality of the book isn't worth the money. The pages are all stuck together because of how ridiculously thin they are, and there is only one pose per page (that's why it's so insanely thick!))

The blurp 

"A groundbreaking, in-depth exploration of the movement and flexibility of the human body, featuring 1,000 stunning black-and-white photographs that showcase the unique collaboration between international supermodel Coco Rocha, “The Queen of Pose,” and world-renowned photographer Steven Sebring. 

Supermodel Coco Rocha’s uncanny ability to strike distinctive, camera-ready poses at an astounding speed has earned her international fame throughout the fashion industry—and made her the muse of celebrated photographer Steven Sebring. In Study of Pose, Sebring and Rocha have documented 1,000 unique poses—theatrical, vibrant, elegant, dramatic, and unlike anything the fashion or art worlds have seen before."

It's taking all my will power not to swoosh these up and away into my bookcase.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Worky works

So a couple of ad's I got to do a little bit of work on came out this week

I got to do some animation tests and some drawings for this little guy, Sebastian did an awesome job on the final animation, what do you think?

And Audi, not much in terms of an animation feat. but definitely an insane technical challenge, I did some work on laying out the car for one of the sim shots, and animating the car on the landing

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Inspired by

So this week I was overwhelmingly inspired by Deisign's post about his character design for the new Animation Mentor character Aia.

I hope he doesn't mind linking one of his pages here:

Whilst I've been making my short film Cat and Moth, I've found it a challenge to correctly portray to the rigger how exactly I need the rig to work. We are creating a solution at the moment, where the rig will have separate editions depending on what needs to happen in particular shots, as we don't want a super heavy rig that accommodates for absolutely everything. However, this rig sheet above has inspired me to make much more complex and detailed drawings to communicate what I want in a much clearer layout.  Thank you for the post, it was very inspirational.

As per usual, inspiration can be found anywhere, so remember to always put aside a little time each day to explore and discover, try things you've never done before, try out something completely different, it'll add to the mind bank.

You could buy a ton of random magazines, based around cooking, fishing, art, photography, animals and find pictures that inspire you to create. You could join a club or go to a convention you wouldn't usually go to. It gives you a little window into a whole other world, and you never know what you make create from that!

To check out Deisign's site go here http://www.deisign.com/ and to read the full post go here (I highly recommend you do) http://www.deisign.com/2014/10/animation-mentor-crew-characters.html

Friday, 3 October 2014

Press release

Press release on my time at Teesside and beyond

Thursday, 2 October 2014


It's no secret that I've not been updating my blog with my own work for a while. Most of my drawings of late, are related to jobs I am or have worked on that can't be shown yet, BUT SOON. I'm hoping to show off some of the projects that have been going on here soon too.

BUT I did get my new Surface Pro 3 for my Birthday, oooohh yes. And it's a teeny computer full of potential. To say thank you to my family, friends and Martyn, I decided to make a little 2D animated thank you card

I'm really up for doing some little 2D projects on the side, just for fun. Just like Wayne Unten, check out his blog here. And you've probably seen this piece:

So does anyone have any suggestions for a first assignment? Anything at all, but keep em short ;)