Thursday, 5 September 2013


Today I looked up the synonyms for "inspire" and I loved the fact that one of those was "animate". So definitely remember to get inspired and create!

This video isn't actually 13 minutes long, there must have been a mistake on the upload, the short is the first couple of minutes, it's fab!

An ex-Mclaren crew member, Edwin, made this:

"Good morning, good evening and good night!"

Monday, 2 September 2013

Resources anyone?

Ever wanted a giant list of articles and resources, well you're in luck, this crazy fella made one

Superbly inspiring...

Great panel talk from the Pixel Challenge. Check out all four

iAnimate Discussion Panel - Part 1 from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Cinema Squid - a really cool site of screenshots from films, lots of inspiring iconic stills

Illustration - A pinterest board full of illustrations

Sketch Adventure - "Never a bad time to make a drawing" here here!

Photoshop Brushes - New to photoshop painting? Check this out!