Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Soooo I said I'd help my University with their Alumni Association. I didn't realise they'd make my face THIS big, but I'm flattered nonetheless. Also, it was so close to my promotion, my title is wrong (just want to point that out :P)

Friday, 13 June 2014

David Beckham

I worked on a new advert for the new Sky Sports channel with David Beckham. We had to attack sportsmen with flying drones, and I got to animate the drone that flies at Beckham's head :D. At one point, one of the feedback comments was "We want more danger" referring to the closeness of the drone to Beckham's head. It was a fun few days work!


Tuesday, 3 June 2014


There's post's I've mentioned in the past about not being afraid of the blank white paper and techniques I've used in life drawing classes that I used to teach to help the other students get past the "fear". Well, I came to write this post, as circling the internet has been this video (below) and Ricky illustrates wonderfully one of the techniques you can use, and tapping into that inner child.

Moreover, last night I was reading "Drawn to Life" again (nearly done!), and I got to section about how you can get inspired by an impression, by observing, but if you don't express this, it will lead to depression. As you get in a forever cycle of feeling like you have down something (by getting inspired) but haven't had anything to grant you a rewarding and accomplished feeling (by doing), and it starts to have the adverse affect on you. Once you get inspired, remember to illustrate your feelings, your findings and your observations, even to note down that silly thing you saw happen on the way to work. 

Now, let go and have fun, oh and get inspired ;)