Saturday, 22 March 2014


And so is Animgather!

See you next Saturday ;)

For more details check out our facebook group or @Animgather on twitter.

This is our third event so far. We usually meet at a certain time (this time being 2pm) and then carry on for as long as people want to hang out! People have attended from all over Europe and we always have a ton of fun. You can check out our past shenanigans here:


2pm at London, UK. Feel free to bring a packed lunch/picnic type thing, snazzy pizza take out is available too, and there's bar in the venue. Also, places to doodle for the doodlers!

Be sure to bring your cameras and film equipment, as we always like to post pictures throughout the day and after the event.

Here's a video to celebrate spring time

Can't wait to meet you all :D

Framestore even tweeted about us :)

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Some Animal drawings I did for my planning stage for the new Lipton advert

To check out the advert and more, I've written about it here